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Benefits of Joining Maxxi Tani

Receive Commissions

Build a new source of income for Mitra

Access to Agriculture Machinery Financing

Get prioritized during the credit screening process

Opportunity to Keep Increasing Income

Enlarge your scope of work and get higher income

Pay-later for Agriculture Inputs

Pay for your seed, pesticide, and services at harvest

Lower Production Cost

Our planting methods will reduce cost

Expect Higher Crop Yields

Improvements in soil conditions and better pest management

Plant Faster after your recent Harvest

Make use of agriculture machines to increase your efficiency

End-to-end Agriculture Machinery

Spreading rice seeds on a tray until they become seeds that ready for planting.

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Soil tilling is done with a tractor or rotavator. Tillage aims to create good soil conditions for plant growth.

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Planting rice seedlings using a rice transplanter, and planting corn seeds using a corn planter.

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Plant treatment could be, cleaning weeds with a power weeder, fertilizing with a drone spreader and spraying pesticides using a drone sprayer.

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The process of harvesting paddy and corn is using a combine harvester. Higher yield and lower cost

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Maxxi Tani Success Story

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